Below is a list of resources that even wee tiny fellowships can, and should, take advantage of. Find something you like? Follow the link and enjoy. Know of something we should add? Please let us know!

BASS Convention: Bay Area Sunday School (BASS) convention has moved far beyond just Sunday school. There are workshops for everyone in any place of ministry! The best thing is, for one low price, you can bring up over 100 people. Our church doesn’t have 100 people which means we can connect with other small churches (maybe share the cost if necessary) and bring all our volunteers! Visit the BASS website here for more details.

Catalyst App: Even, or especially, if you can’t afford to actually go to a Catalyst convention you’ve got to get the app for your smart phone! There are articles and videos and live streaming feeds from Catalyst that can serve to equip and encourage you. Head to your app store of choice and download this app ASAP! It’s free and you won’t regret it.

Websites: There are a ton of useful websites and blogs you can utilize to spark inspiration, find encouragement, or get direction. Here are a few:,, Focus on the Family’s Thriving Pastor and more!


We’d also like to make some of our own resources available to you, free of charge! Below are PDF files of booklets for new members as well as resources for new member classes. If you have questions about these resources, please email Michael at


learningtowalk – Learning to Walk is a resource for new believers, those who are new to a church context, or those who just want a boost in their walk of faith. It covers four personal habits for spiritual growth and four corporate commitments that will benefit both the church mission and the individual members. Click the link above to download this PDF.

baptismandwhywedoit – Baptism and Why We Do It is fairly self-explanatory. This booklet explores what baptism is, why believers are baptized, what they can expect when they are baptized, and what comes after baptism. Click on the link above to download the PDF.


Intersect is a course we use to introduce both seasoned believers and seekers to our church. This four week course covers the meaning, value and expectations of membership, our core beliefs, our church structure, and what can be expected moving forward. Obviously, you will need to tailor this course to your own ministry context, but sometimes it’s nice to have a starting point to build on. Click on the link to download the PowerPoint presentation for Intersect – intersect-ppt.

Lifeline is a four week course we use to help people understand their personal responsibility to connect with others and live the Gospel of Christ. Lifeline is adapted from Becoming a Contagious Christian study from Bill Hybels, Lee Strobel, and Mark Mittelberg with the purpose of emphasizing building and nurturing relationships over making a “sales pitch.” In this course we cover the difference between being an evangelist and being a witness, how we naturally connect with people, ways we can deepen our relationships, and how to tell your story (testimony). Click on the link to download the PowerPoint presentation for Lifeline – lifeline-ppt.



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