The Small Church Pastor’s Club is an online community for pastors of small congregations to find encouragement and inspiration from other small church pastors. When we say “small,” we don’t mean that your having trouble breaking the 200 barrier, we mean those churches who can’t quite seem to see the other side of 100; those churches whose pastors are bi-vocational because the church budget can’t afford what they’re worth, and certainly can’t afford paid staff to help.

Small churches are big on dreams and ideas, but short on people and resources. We are often not considered successful because we don’t have the numbers to qualify “success.” Conferences and conventions just don’t ask small church pastors to come speak because if we really had something worth talking about, our churches would be bigger, right? Wrong! Small churches have some of the most dedicated, innovative, and faithful pastors in the world. This forum is for their voice … maybe your voice to be heard.

Very important: This is NOT a place to gripe, complain, or condemn mega-churches or other large ministries. There are advantages and disadvantages in both large and small settings, but we are here to encourage and inspire one another, not take shots at our brothers and sisters out of resentment and jealously. Not cool, don’t do it. We are glad you are here, and look forward to sharing thoughts, dreams, ideas, resources, and to glorifying Christ where we are called. We may be small, but we are not unimportant.


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