Moving Past Myth

I’d always heard that the divorce rate within the church is the same as that outside the church. I’d even used that little tidbit as illustrations in preaching. I found out later though, that statistic simply isn’t true. The divorce rate among Christians who are part of a regular fellowship is considerably lower. In fact, even secular studies list regular church attendance as divorce reducer. That must say something. I think there are a lot of occasions where church leaders have ascribed to myth rather than truth and it can greatly hinder your effort to grow you church. We need to move past myth and lead as God leads, no matter what conventional wisdom or cleverly manipulated statistics my tell us.

If you haven’t subscribed to Chuck Lawless’ blog, I suggest you do so now. He recently published an article, 10 Church Myths We’ve Heard, and I suggest you click the link to read it. It may just change the way you approach leading your church or ministry.

We have greater freedom in our leadership than we realize, and we can have greater effect than we know if we would simply follow God’s leading rather than the latest trend. (Which is really great news if you were dreading having to purchase a pair of skinny jeans)


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