Is It Well With Your Soul

I get several resources in my inbox that encourage, challenge, inspire, and affirm me in my endeavor to follow Christ and lead a church fellowship. These resources are free and I highly recommend them. We all need a voice from outside the harbor of our own ministry and thinking to stir the waters of our well and keep that well fresh. I found this one in my inbox this morning and as I read it, it sounded more like me than I wanted to admit.

Being the pastor of a small church, there are a lot of duties, obligations, and responsibilities that fall on our shoulders. Not one of these things is overwhelming, but together, all of them certainly can be. We can find ourselves drained, exhausted, out of answers, and looking to protect ourselves rather than serve our flock. Chaplain George from Focus on the Family ministries wrote this article around this topic, and I think it’s worth a read. After you read it, post some ideas in the comments section below about how you find those moments that refresh you.

I know taking a sabbatical is of great value. Not a vacation, a sabbatical. There’s a difference. We think that our church won’t survive without us, but if that’s the case, then it’s built on you, not Jesus. They need you to be refreshed by the presence of God. Talk to your leadership, or your congregation, and make a plan to take a couple of weeks to seek God. After 10 years of ministry, I finally had that time to reconnect with God, undistracted by duty, and it was marvelous. Now at 12 years, I’m ready for another couple weeks. Everyone wins.

I look forward to hearing from you. Don’t be shy. We need each other! How has God refreshed you? How would you like to position yourself for some time of refreshing from the Lord?


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