Running on Empty

Being a servant, generally, is one of the most difficult, demanding, and constant things one will ever have to do. Being a “servant of all” is impossible outside of the grace of God. Even as we walk with God and try to serve those whom God has entrusted to us in faith, we can find ourselves spent, tired, and running on empty. These are times where our need for our own spiritual disciplines — our need for God: his presence and rest — becomes painfully evident.

How do you recharge? Share it the comment box below. Then look at your answer and prayerfully ask yourself, Is it healthy? Sometimes, what we think we are doing to “recharge” is really just hiding. In the name of “me-time” we can run to another lover and betray God, abandoning what he wants for us. Sometimes our efforts to find rest and refreshment connect us with God. Other times, it can actually make us more distant. It’s not the activity so much as our attitude towards it. I ask again, How do you find rest and recharge? How do you tap into the limitless grace of God and find strength to serve well? Let’s speak life and encourage each other!


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