Simple But Powerful Service

There are dozens of blogs and websites you can follow that will provide you with great ideas, tips, and solutions for ministries of all sizes. One of my favorites is Thom Rainer’s blog. Below is a link to an article that we can use to encourage our members to minister to visitors simply and powerfully.

People walking into our church don’t just “happen in,” they are led in by God. We just had an older couple visit our service yesterday. In greeting them I was wondering if they would actually connect with our service at all. At the end of the service, I had a chance to talk with them and they shared how deeply blessed they had been as the message (on the Peace of God) spoke to them in their current situation. Whether God plants them in our fellowship or not, he led them there to receive that word.

We need to be good managers of every opportunity and encounter God provides us. In that spirit, I share Dr. Rainer’s article here. Please enjoy!



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