How Did You Get Here?

In the comments section below, share the story of how you came to pastor your current church. It’s good to reflect and remember that you didn’t wind up in your ministry by accident or because it was the only gig you could get. You were called and placed by God to serve right where you are. So let’s hear that story be reminded and encouraged by God’s work in our lives and ministries!


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  1. To get things started:
    My wife and I began attending our church in 1995. We began as faithful pew-potatoes and eventually began attending Sunday school too. After a year or so, I was asked to lead a class. We got involved in VBS and then started working with youth, and after a few years was called to serve in the deacon ministry. I was beginning to sense the call to vocational ministry and enrolled in seminary in 2000. Half-way through my seminary experience, my pastor stepped down (on good terms) and I was called as interim. One year after that, I was ordained as senior pastor. Over the last eleven years we have seen a lot of change and I am looking forward to see what God has for us next.


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