Happy Father Day

I want to wish you a happy Father day. Whether you have fathered children of your own, or are a mentor to someone else you are reflecting the attributes of our heavenly Father. Your investments in the lives of others for their good and God’s glory have a further reaching impact than you know, or may ever know.

I was putting together a little something for my own dad, and as I’m looking at pictures of my sister and me, our families, and other people and families whom we have been privileged to walk with I began to realize just what an amazing impact the love of my dad has had, even far beyond the scope of our immediate family. What dad has handed down to me–values, disciplines, lessons, his example–has served to equip me and my sister to touch the lives of others and share those good, biblical values. And he continues to do so. I am so blessed!!

Serving as a small church pastor, you have the privilege of knowing the people of your church. People don’t get lost in a crowd of 20, 40, or even 80. You know your fellowship and they know you. They hear your heart Sunday after Sunday and see your character and witness in between. Like a father you have poured into them–even if you don’t see the fruit from it now–and have changed their lives forever, for the glory of Christ. Your legacy reflects the love, care, and nurture of our Father, and he is glorified.

The greatest contribution you ever make to the kingdom of heaven may not be what you accomplish, but rather who you raise. Those people who follow your example have a greater impact than the numbers on the attendance board or on a budget sheet ever will. Being a father isn’t easy. It has its share of challenges. But it is more rewarding than you can know. As you reflect the character of God, Happy Father Day!! Thank you for your love and care.


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